mungo beans sprouts inside little bowls

Sprouted Seeds

Sprout your seeds the easy way!

Author Luisa


  • 2 tbsp organic seeds
  • some pure water


  1. Day 1: Wash the seeds, put them in a bowl or glass and cover with water. If you have a proper sprouting glass, a jar whose lid has holes, or other sprouting material, use it. It's also possible to do it with no specific utensils. Basically, your are soaking the seeds for about one day or overnight. Leave them at least 8 hours in water. Make sure they are in a fresh environment, without direct sunlight.

  2. Day 2: Drain and rinse them. Keep all the seeds wet, by sprinkling with water, once or twice a day, making sure there is no water left at the bottom. Cover them to protect from bugs and dust, but let them breath by, for instance, putting a soft and porous fabric on top.

  3. Day 3, 4, 5: Keep sprinkling with water. You will see sprouting tails during these days, sooner or later, depending on what seeds you're using. You may continue the process, if your seeds are taking longer to sprout or if you want to see a green leaf appear. In any case, the longer you leave them sprouting, the bigger the possibility of gaining mold. Once you are satisfied with the result, wash the sprouts well and keep them in the fridge, while you are consuming them. This will decrease the germination process and will extend the quality of the sprouts, for about a week.